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Human Beings have always awakened each day into anxiety, impulse and disorientation.


In modern life we are invited to think that we can simply wake up, pretend we are not anxious and impulsive and start our day and succeed anyway.  We think we should be able to wake up and simply proceed with the day.  But most of us feel disoriented and half aware that we won't be able to stop ourselves repeating actions that we know will not work and that we know will bring negative consequences.  We feel doomed to repeat mistakes.  We feel more and more anxious, impulsive and disoriented as the day wears on.


We don’t feel successful.  The more anxious, impulsive and disoriented we get the more we feel frustrated and abandoned.



… that we all have weakness (Impulsive moods) and strengths (Calm moods) and we can have the power to choose which mood we are in when we make the decisions that determine how the day goes.


… that when we awaken and through the day we can choose to orient ourselves through self-care before we make dicisions.


... Humans do better when we focus on what our own body needs right now instead of focusing too much on the future or the past or too much on people or things or events outside our physical body.


I can choose to take care of myself well enough (Through prayer, affirmation and interupting negative self talk and impulsive decisions.) to remember I need to re-focus my self-care every morning and a few other times during the day so I am consciously choosing to use my strengths and choosing not to use my weaknesses.


When we are not paying enough attention to ourselves or when we are hard on ourselves we feel increasingly anxious and become increasingly impulsive.  When we pay gentle and self-respectful attention to ourselves we will feel less anxious, less impulsive and less disoriented.  We will feel less abandoned.



• I can choose to pray to a higher power for help noticing my impulses.  (Five times each day.)

o   God, please help me notice my impulses.

o   God, please help me interrupt my impulses.

o   God, please help me replace my impulses with affirmations.


• I can choose to NOTICE, and then INTERRUPT my impulses and then REPLACE my impulses with Affirmations.  (As needed.)


• I can choose to have a voluntary structure in my life to replace my impulses with AFFIRMATIONS. (Five time each day. Or whatever feels right.  Or whatever works.)



• I can choose to call a FIVE STEP SELF TIME OUT whenever I notice I am focused on something or somebody that makes me feel more frustrated, anxious or impulsive.  I can choose to focus on and listen to my own feelings and needs and then I can choose to make a plan to take care of my own feelings and needs.  (As needed.)




• My decisions will fit more and more successfully into physical reality.  Physical Reality is always changing so as I continue to make decisions only after orienting myself I wlll stay oriented to what is actual.  I will be choosing to create fewer power struggles.  I will spend less time in power struggles. I will feel less frustrated and less abandoned.
































This paper was part of my Bachelor's Degree at International College, Sierra University. I completed this writing in February 1981.  I was reading lots of Carl Jung and the books written by his followers.  The Monomyth facinated me.  It is the universal structure of stories and the journey of the hero.  It is an idea of how human beings need to develop in circular movement through four stages.  Time is dreamlike.  Sometimes the story of a hero takes a moment from start to finish, sometmes an hour, sometimes a lifetime.  It describes the process we go through when we encounter somthing imprtant to our development and as we integrate the imprtant new thing we move from one developmental stage to another.  These ideas were very important to me at the time and continues to describe what I feel happens as we take our personal steps through our personal development as humans.



"You will have to trust me enough to take on faith that the new food, when it comes, will be richer."


Dr. Fried to Deborah

In the novel: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.

By: Joanne Greenberg

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Chuck Britt, MA, LMFT and Connie Bonner-Britt, MA, LMHC


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